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Faiza Faria

Best Bangladeshi food serving in Seattle!

Sharmin apu is hands down, one of the best sources of Bangladeshi food in this part of the PNW. Her cooking reminds me of home and she always saves the day for any event big or small. Especially her goat biryani, chicken roast, daal puri are to die for. I have been taking food from her for the last 5 years! She served for my son's 1st birthday and then his 5th birthday! All I am trying to say is that she is consistently good over the years and maintains the price point! Wish I had lived closer to the Eastside..... Three cheers for Sharmin apu!

Md. Salahuddin Khan

Feedback on Goat Biryani and Borhani

Subhanallah, it's a heavenly test, catered from heart. May Allah (SWT) bless in your business. Salahuddin Kent, WA


Great food and service

I have been a customer for 10+ years. We were delighted to discover Sharmin after we moved to Seattle from the Bay Area. We love the food. On top of that she is extremely professional and always tries to accommodate my request even on a short notice. Thank you Sharmin!


We recently have moved to the Seattle metro area and at the same time have become new parents. As such we hardly had any time to cook and were looking for a catering service serving homely Bengali food. Desi halal came to the rescue. We have got varieties of dishes from desi halal like Rui macher Jhol, kochu mukhi’r torkari, ichor er torkari, amer tok, chicken and goat curries, goat biriyani, different sweet and snack items and several other dishes to meet our daily needs for months. We were pleasantly surprised at the delicacy and homely touch of all the food. Our relatives and friends who came to visit us also enjoyed the food very much. Desi Halal is a life saver for us. Can’t praise enough!


Sharmin, Thanks so much for the delicious food. The Rui Kalia was perfect to kick off the Durga pujo celebrations. Everything was amazing. Thank you!

Rimi Afroze

Amazing Food by Sharmin

Just wanted to acknowledge the amazing food and service Sharmin has been providing to the communities. I have ordered several work related catering from her and my team has enjoyed her delicious food every time. Highly recommend Tehari, Fish dishes, and sweets, specifcaly Rasmalai. All the very best to you Sharmin.

Honey Maria

Awesome Food

I ordered biriyani, tuna kabab, and mixed veg for my kids' birthday. The food was awesome and fresh. Everyone loved it. Thank you :


Reminds me my mom’s cooking!!!

If you like to try fish, order the Rohu Kalia. It’s delicious and authentic. Reminded me my mom’s cooking!!! I ordered one of the meat dish and it was very good too. The meat was cooked perfect. Will keep ordering ...


Goat Biriyani - The Best!!!

We recently moved from NY. After checking several local restaurants, we can say that the goat biriyani here is the best. It’s full of flavor, rice and meat just cooked perfectly. The order and pick up process was very easy. Simply love it!!!


Biryani is great

We really love the biryani. It is so delicious. Can't find this in any restaurant. My kids also love it. Thanks for your service!

Sandeepan Sanyal

My favorite dish is mutton biriyani with chicken roast and kabab. Best biriyani I ever ate at North America. My kids simply wait for that


Good Food

We have been order from Sharmin for some time now and have become regular customers. Very reliable service and easy to do business with. Always received homely food with professional service. Our commonly ordered menu items include chicken kosha and chicken kabab.

Saina Baha

We are extremely satisfied for the overall experience with Deshi-Halal Food Catering Service. Fantastic super fresh delicious food items, reasonably priced. Goat Biriyani was fabulous & chicken shami kabab was perfectly cooked! Payesh (kheer) on the desert menu was also a winner! Great service and great food. Thanks 😊


Sunday Party

Hi Sharmin, Thank you so much for the delicious food you cooked last Sunday. My friends loved all items, specially "chom chom". Both quality and quantity were perfect 10 !!

Jan 20, 2019

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Totally enjoyed the biryani, mangsho, maach bhahja, and tok begun last night. Sharmin, my guests couldn't stop raving about the food. Excellent!!!

Apr 23, 2017


Arijit Basu

We have recently taken delivery of Mutton Biryani and other veg items for our first Bothell Community get-together. All of them were finger licking delicious. Great service, on time food delivery and awesome food rocked our party. Thanks Sharmin for serving the Seattle community. Please continue your journey of satisfying Bengali food craving

Dec 02, 2016


Swastik Mukherjee

I have been taking delivery of weekly food from Sharmin for the past few months and it has been a wonderful experience so far. Like most Bengali's in the Greater Seattle area who are unable to find the time to cook their meals, Sharmin's service is a life-saver. The food is sumptuous and affordable and she has an incredible range in her cooking styles. She is extremely easy to deal with, a simple email before designated days with your request and she will have it ready by the evening of the designated day. She provides very good packaging and special mention must be made of her 'sweets'. For those Bengali's who are craving the Bangali mishti, Sharmin is as close to perfection as you could hope to find outside of Bengal. Thank you Sharmin for being a life-saver.

Oct 02, 2016

Uttoron, Bengali community of Seattle

Malay chakrabarti

Hello Sharminji--On behalf of Uttoron executive committee, we wanted to thank you for the excellent food. Goat, Ruhi and chamcham were to die for. We loved your food.

Jun 28, 2016


Shruti Mengi

Hello Sharmin-

I wanted to pass on the compliments from my guests to you. Everyone loved the food. Thank you!a

Jul 21, 2016



Hi Sharmin,

Thanks so much for the excellent food you cooked last Sunday! People loved all items. I should have listened to you and ordered for only 50 people. We had so much left over...

May 23, 2016

East Side


As usual, the taste of the food was very good. Everybody loved it! We are always tempted to try your mouthwatering dishes….especially your goat biriyani. It simply rocks! 
Thanks a lot :)

Feb 23, 2016

Rajcoomar Dhar

Deshi Halal catering is one of the select few private caterers based in the Eastside area who serve authentic Bengali food. Trying to find good Indian food in Seattle is like finding needle in a haystack, and trying to find good Bengali food means to try find that needle blind-folded.

We have been doing weekly dinners and party orders from Deshi Halal. Their mutton biryani, goat rezala, chicken curry and Rohu Kalia, along with the mouthwatering selection of hand-crafted Bengali sweets are some of the USPs. Very reasonably priced, excellent response time by business owner Sharmin over emails. Also, one day I was mistakenly double charged on my credit card and to make up for it, they gave me next day's order for free (which was more than the amount I was wrongly charged). So it's not only good food, but great customer experience which Deshi Halal provides.

For any Bengali / Bengali food enthusiast living in Seattle/Eastside, this should be your first stop. Oh and did I forget to mention that they were contracted for the Durga Puja mass luncheon at the local Bengali community as well and did one hell of a job.

Way to go!

Nov 16, 2015


Smiti Shah

Hi Sharmin,

Wanted to let you know that the food was amazing: quantity was generous, spice-level was perfect, and everything tasted fresh and delicious. Everybody at the party thoroughly enjoyed it and I saw almost everyone going for more than one serving. All food was delicious; Raso Gollah, Paneer Makhni,and Paratha were especially popular.

Big thank you for your help and making our party memorable for us and our guests :-)

Feb 08, 2016

Everett, WA

Jinat Parveen

Foods are so delicious, always taste like freshly home made!!! Sharmin you make awesome foods whether it's for daily family meals or for big parties!! You have great tasting varieties of foods to choose from. You always treat customers so nicely and very professional! Great food presentations and food decorations! We love your foods!!
You do great job!!

Feb 01, 2016

Sammamish, WA


Sharmin Apa's items cost single-digit per person for a meal. Our order usually totals triple digits, at least once every week. The value we get won't fit in a standard calculator display. Take our last order for example. My friend and I co-hosted a small party at our place. We ordered kacchi biriyani, chicken stick kabab, matar panir and borhani. People who came from Dhaka liked it. People who came from Boston and New York (including a Turkish lady) liked it. We Microsofties, of course liked it. My wife, who doesn't usually eat goat, liked it and craved for more. So I am putting in another order for this weekend. Now please do not come to our place for it, in case you are picking up the tantalizing smell. Order it from Deshi Halal. It is not restaurant food. Home-cooked deshi food is what it is. Order food from here and outsource your kitchen.

April 8, 2015


Sharmin, I am sure, you hear it everyday, but let me repeat anyway :) You are an awesome cook. The food was just too good. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks for such a tasty treat.
Oh, also thanks for those yummy rasogollas. Happy new year to you too.
 Thanks & regards

October 14, 2014


Desi Halal has some awesome Menu, and the food is something you have to have to know. So far we have made many orders, and not one time till we get disappointed !!! The quality and quantity is worth a mention too. I would give a 5*star rating, in terms of Quality, Quantity and Customer Service.

Aug 18, 2014

Eva and Ethan

We've ordered food from Sharmin for a small party twice now (chicken biryani, chicken roast, beef curry, beef shami kabab, Cham Cham and raso malai), and it has been fantastic both times! The quality of the food was great, and everything tasted wonderful, very close to my mom's cooking. The chicken roast and raso malai were my favorites, but really, everything tasted great. We're looking forward to ordering from her again soon.

Jul 2, 2014

BM Hossain

We ordered Khichuri(Rice with lentils, spices, etc.) with Beef curry for 22 players (yes, after a cricket match :)) from 'Deshi Halal' along with an order of 'Cham Cham' as the dessert. The beef was something that you can't find in a restaurant. It's really delicious and undoubtedly special. The order was delivered on time and they were courteous enough to give us some other significant amount of complimentary items with the original orders. Regarding the dessert Cham Cham, we heard about this item before and just found that very true: a real delicacy. By the way, have I told you the best part yet? With all of these orders, the cost is still in single digit per person. :)


Tapasree and Sumanta

Most of my friends are from the Northern part of India, so they are not fully aware of the Bengal culinary style, and we always try to present authentic Bengali food whenever possible to them. Recently on my daughter’s birthday gathering we brought dinner from you for about 22 people and it was awesome. Not only everybody loved the food, we ended up ordering the lunch from you on a party organized by one of my friends, and yes he is a non-Bengali.

Bellevue, WA

Dr. Ashraf Ali D.Sc. MBA

We recently ordered chicken biriyani, Chicken masalla and chicken stick kabab. All items were delicious. We requested the food to be cooked with oil and green chili - no butter and no red chili. The food was full of flavor even without the use of butter or red chili. The salad and food appeared very fresh.

Overall, we were very happy with the catered food.

Kirkland, WA

Eshita Sharmin

For the Deshi Halal Catering, we don't miss food of our own country now. Also her warm welcome and always smiley face is always a bonus with her superb food and timely delivery! I wish the very best and success for the Deshi Halal.

Issaquah, WA

Deepa Majumdar

Sharmin's just too good. The biriyani reminds me of my Kolkata's local dada-boudi r hotel ( in barrackpore). Since I get that here I dont miss that soo much..I love her nolen guru sandesh and reshmi kabob and Tuna chop. She is very punctual with her delivery time as well.

Career Advancement Coach-

Sharmin Banu MS, CPC, ACC

Deshi Halal is not yet another catering business. It has set an example of entrepreneurship, deep passion and commitment towards serving the customers and promoting authentic desi food. I order food from Sharmin (my namesake) once in a while. It's not just her food, I am a big fan of the way she manages everything in such a quality manner and not to mention she does it with a smile always!
I recommend Deshi Halal's service to anyone especially to busy working mom’s, you will get quality, healthy desi food without having to compromise your work time!

Bellevue, WA

Hamza Hydri

I had done a catering order for recently and must admit that every thing about the order was good. The quantity of food, consistency in taste, punctual delivery and flexibility in timings were the positives which will make me go back to Desi-Halal catering for all my future orders. I would highly recommend them to any one looking for a Desi catering option on the East side area.

Seattle, WA

Sabah Haq

We are very loyal customers of Deshi Halal. We have used their catering service for small get togethers, large parties, daily meals and snacks. We have tried their Biryani (both goat and beef), Beef Curry, Goat Curry, Chicken Kabab, Mixed Vegetable, Chicken Roast and Polau, Fish Dopeaja, Parata, Daalpuri, Shingara and various sweets including Patishapta Pitha, Gurer Shondesh, Chom Chom and Kacha Golla. The taste and the quality of the food is awesome. It's quite a treat to have home cooked meal for different occasions. The price is very reasonable. The taste and the aroma of their Biryani reminds me of the authentic Biryani back home. Recently, my office catered from Deshi Halal for its weekly employee lunch. The food was delicious as usual and my colleagues just loved it!

Bellevue, WA

Fazle and Ishrat Elahi

The Deshi Halal food reminds us the yummy, delicious smell and taste of home cooked Bangladeshi meal. It is a flavorful and sumptuous experience of a mom’s cooking from the heart. Every bite of Sharmin Apa’s meal takes us the awesome aromas of Bangladeshi spices and flavors. The food experience is really a unique way to feel nostalgic of our homeland and its authentic cuisine. Especially the Mutton Biryani, Chicken Karahai, Ruhu fish curry, Dal and Rosgollas are superb!! The vegetable dishes are really scrumptious and healthy as well! The convenient and professional food catering service makes our lives so much easier! We enjoy the mouthwatering delicacies of the Deshi Halal catering service and highly recommend to others!!! We wish Sharmin Apa all the best!!!

Redmond, WA

Enamul Haque

This place offers some of the finest home-cooked dishes one can find around here. I usually order every other week and get those picked up the very next day all nicely put together in multiple containers. I'm a big fan of the vegetarian dishes they have to offer and their mouth-watering sweets.

Paromita Sen

I have been taking food from Sharmin and we are so far just loving it.. I mostly take non vegetarian dishes and we love all of them. Sharmin's food is undoubtedly fresh and tasty than any Indian restaurant around and she is also very punctual and professional when it comes to the service she provides. Couple of times I picked up party food from her and all my guests loved all the dishes she prepared. We wish that she continues to provide this service for many days to come !!

Bellevue, WA

Ahmad Nadeem

I have been using Deshi Halal catering services. I have tried several other caterers for multiple group events, and have reached to a conslusion that I should stick with Deshi Halal. Because of the very fact that I have always found them both customer and quality focused, always in time, great taste, quantity always more than ordered, adjustable to customizations, and above all easy to work with. I have recommended Deshi Halal catering to many of my friends over the last 6 months and all of them have provided me very positive feedback of their food,
and services.

Redmond, WA

Saifur Rahman

I recently catered food from Deshi Halal for my son's Akika. My experience is simply superb! The food was extremely delicious and great in amount. People kept asking who was the caterer as they liked the food so much. A lot of my friends got to taste authentic Bangladeshi cuisine and they were very happy with the taste.
Also, I had great communication from the caterer in terms of planning, when they will deliver food, whether I'd need food warmer or not etc. -- something that's very helpful when planning an event with huge guests. The caterer also brainstormed with me on the menu, gave me good thoughtful feedback. Over all, I am super satisfied. I am glad that I catered from Deshi Halal and will look to cater from you again if I host big events in future

Everett, WA

Altaf Sarker

I ordered food for weeding reception of my son. The food menu was those of our traditional wedding ceremony. All of our guests highly appreciated the foods, which were very delicious, fabulous and excellent. Their service also deserves high appreciation. I am strongly recommending Deshi Halal for any large volume of catering.

Redmond, WA


I am a repeat customer because of the delicious dishes that are on the menu. The quantity and quality is always filling! Whenever I have cravings or i need to cater, I first call up Deshi Halal. Deshi Halal offers very well prepared food that is delish and hard to find in other restaurants.

Bellevue, WA

Fahmida Alam

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Deshi Halal. I have tried their Party menu, Iftaar, snacks, sweets, Paratha , Dalpuri, etc and had no complain so far. The quality and taste of the food is really good and the service is great too.

South Everett, WA

Anandamoy Bhatacharya

Absolutely fabulous!! We ordered food for a party of 15 people, and there was enough for at least 20. The quality was excellent too; especially the Chicken Biriyani. We enjoyed a lot and hope to order once again at the earliest

Bellevue, WA

Sharmilli Ghosh

I catered from Sharmin for my kid's birthday party, and since then she has become a regular extension of our family. Not only is the food very homely and tasty, her communication is extremely clear/crisp and service extremely professional. I had catered for a party of 80 people, and there was enough food for another 80. Definitely try her Dal-puri's Mutton masala, Mutoon biriyani, Rui Kalia and any and all desserts. Highly recommend.

Bellevue, WA

Debayan Chakrabarti

Excellent food - bringing fond rememberance of good old Calcutta! It's as if Calcutta delicacies available at US door step. Bengali sweets at the end are simply yummies!

Bellevue, WA

Sabira Arefin

A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness." - You know that's you! I've always been a big fan of your cooking. Amazing food.We love it. Thank you Tanika.

Redmond, WA

Manoj Ghosh

We arranged a small potluck party of 4 bengali families. We all decided not to cook at home but to order food from Desi Halal. We came to know about Desi Halal from spread of mouth and heard good about it. I must say, we really enjoyed the food. Its delicious and tasty and would recommend others to try the food.

Everett, WA

Priya Banerjee

We really enjoyed the food. It is so good and so homely that we feel like we don't miss our mom's cooking. We tried the patishapta and it was better than any patishapta we have tried before included patishapta back home. We also tried the dinner for a week. The variety of fish and vegetables was great. We really love the food.

Kirkland, WA

Zaki Rahman

The food prepared by Deshi Halal Catering is absolutely delicious – a real culinary delight. It’s authentic Bangladeshi home cooked meal at its finest. I have to first mention the delectable Patishapta Pitha (Crêpe) - I haven’t had one this delicious in a long time. Everybody around the dinner table, including veteran connoisseurs of our cuisine were at first speechless, then rushing back for seconds and finally praising for the rest of the night. I love every item that I’ve tried – starting from the Tehari, Shami Kabab, Chicken Roast, Rezala (Mutton Curry) to simple daily items like Choto/Boro Maach (Fish), Chicken, Mutton, Vegetables, Niramish. The ingredients are fresh and well picked. I’ve recently started with the regular weekly dinner options and the variety is phenomenal, I didn’t expect such an eclectic array of delight boxed up and waiting for me. I’m so glad that we finally have such a wonderful place in Seattle where we can have authentic and scrumptious Bangladeshi food that can beat the best of Bangladeshi restaurants."

Redmond, WA

Jay Banerjee

I like food of Sharmin apa (or you can say deshi-halal) very much. The daal and fish reminded me the taste of my mother. Their biriany and sweets are excellent taste and as good as any top quality Bangladeshi restaurants. I am their regular customer and will recommend their food to any other people who wants desi food.

Bellevue, WA

Shams and Nasreen

A little over a week ago we ordered a couple of dishes from The prices were reasonable and much to our delight the food was delicious. The chicken curry was good though I would have wanted the chicken cut in smaller
pieces. The goat rezalla and the sami kababs were excellent. The dessert [pati sapta pitha] was outstanding. Kudos to the cook. We hope to have more orders in the pipeline soon.

Redmond, WA

Saiful Islam

Among lot of deshi dishes I tested few of them. Tehari item was delicious. Apart from that I tried one fish dish (bata mach). That was also nice. Snack items like roll,haleem, samucha are just tasty. For dissert item I liked all sweet items. Among them Pranhara/Kacha gulla was best

Bellevue, WA

Tania Islam

All the food from Deshi-halal catering is really great. The taste is awesome and the price range is really affordable and within limits. Their delivery service is pretty impressive and on-time all the time. I would definitely recommend my friends ordering from this site cause overall food quality, taste and respecting religion belief for Muslim customers are utmost important to the business owner and it is very much appreciated. I wish her all the best again.

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