Regular Dinners

  • Regular dinners are available on Mondays only

  • You must order a day in advance.

  • Dinner pickup time is between 5pm and 7pm.

  • We will charge 10% holding charge, if food is not picked up by 8pm.

  • For order please email to and wait for confirmation before you pay

  • Our phone number is 425-213-3022.

  • During cooking time we may not be able to answer your email or phone

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Here is the price list:

  1. Chicken - $6.00 per person

  2. Goat - $9.00 per person

  3. Beef - $8.50 per person

  4. Rohu - $10.00 per person (Two pieces)

  5. Mixed Veg - $5.00 or $6.00 per person

  6. Daal - $2.50 per person


  • We do not take same day order

  • We prefer you to contact in email.

  • We provide containers for all food.

  • We update Monday menu on Sundays in the Section below.

  • Please do not make any comment below. It is only to announce daily menu by Deshi Halal.

Today's Menu

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