For more than ten (10) years we have been preparing authentic dishes that represent the culinary styles of Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. We are family business run from home at Bellevue, WA licensed by King county public health. All our food are 100% halal. We take utmost care when we prepare vegetarian food too. We do both regular dinner and party orders.

Regular Dinners

  • Regular dinners are available in week nights of Mondays and Thursdays.

  • You must order a day in advance.

  • Dinner pickup time is between 5pm and 7pm.

  • We will charge 10% holding charge, if food is not picked up by 8pm.

Party Orders

  • Party orders are taken for Monday, Thursday Fridays and Saturdays. If big orders and previously arranged, we may Sundays too.

  • Orders must be confirmed a few days before the party for mid-size and big orders.

  • All orders you must pay one day in advance.

  • For online payment please use the payment button below. or using PayPal to pay to

  • We have limited capacity, because this is a business run from home. Advance notice is very much appreciated.

  • Some times we do take party orders on holidays too. Please check early for our availbility.

  • We charge 10% extra for any order pickup time before noon as that is not our regular hour. 

  • We may charge 10% hot holding charge, if order is picked up 1 hour after the agreed upon pickup time. Minimum charge is $10.

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Our Address: 16415 NE 6th ST, Bellevue, WA 98008

Our Phone:    425-213-3022

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